Welcome to ACERS Access!

The Arlington County Employees’ Retirement System (“ACERS”) is one of the retirement benefits offered to Arlington County employees. ACERS is a pension plan that provides you with guaranteed monthly income during your retirement. ACERS has many options that can help you meet your retirement goals. How much you will get is based on how many years you work for Arlington, your three highest years of pay, and the options you choose.

What Can I Do Here?
Employees may use this site to run estimates of their monthly pension income and view their beneficiaries. Retirees may use this site to view their pension deposits and annual 1099-R data.

Need to Make Changes?
Changes must be submitted to the County’s Benefits Team. Forms for retirees to change their name, address, email, direct deposit, or tax withholding are on the County’s website. Forms for employees and retirees to change their ACERS beneficiaries are also online.

Need to learn more about your retirement options?
Employees may schedule an appointment online. Feel free to bring your spouse, significant other, or whomever assists you with your financial decisions. Employees may also attend presentations that are advertised on AC Commons.

Got More Questions?
If you have any questions about the ACERS benefits or using this site, please call us at 703-228-3500, Option 1 or email us at benefits@arlingtonva.us.